History and Location

Founded in 1990 by the partners of Bloksan A.Ş., one of the leading companies of Manisa Turgutlu industry, Seramiksan started production of ceramics with 1.5 million m2 in 1994.

Having started the business on the vision of being a world brand, Seramiksan’sfactory is located in Turgutlu Organized Industry Zone, which is established on 500.000 m2 open area and 150.000 m2 closed area.

Combining the technology required for quality living with aesthetic designs, Seramiksanoffers a wide range of products for all life and public spaces.

Seramiksan, which has taken its place among the producers in Turkey and the world with its high production capacity, produces flooring tiles, wall tiles, glazed granite, technical granite, exterior cladding, Sanitary ware, tile products and building chemical products.

Seramiksan started its production in 1994 with flooring tiles,  and in 2005, it established Dekosan serve the domestic and foreign ceramic producers in design, product development and decoration. 

Seramiksan, which invested in the sanitary ware plant which is matchless in the world in terms of technical level, technological optimization and energy saving, added its vitrified products to its product range in 2013.

Seramiksan, which has the most modern sanitary ware production facility in  the world, can produce sanitary ware products untouched by human hands.

Seramiksan Sanitary Ware Plant will reach an annual capacity of 2,000,000 pieces when the investment is completely finished.

In 2016, Seramiksan launched Turkey’s most modern and one of the world’s few porcelain tile production facilities with 5.5 million m2 capacity and put it into operation.

With this investment which was realized in an area of 90 thousand m2, unglazed porcelain tile production started in 60x60 and 120x120 large sizes for the first time in Turkey.

These products are specifically designed for use in airports, stations, metro systems and shopping malls with very high pedestrian traffic. Produced in high quality standards, these tiles maintain their stability and first day appearance for many years.

Seramiksan acts with unconditional customer satisfaction by combining the initials of the industry and cutting-edge technology with innovative designs.


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